Purdue lands Top 2022 QB Target – 4* Brady Allen from Fort Branch, Indiana

Brady Allen has committed to Purdue. Allen is a class of 2022 6’5″ 200 lbs 4* QB from Fort Branch, Indiana where he attends Gibson Southern High School. This is Purdue’s first commit of the 2022 football recruiting class and one of the many highly rated recruits from the state of Indiana for 2022.

Currently Brady Allen is the 15th highest rated Quarterback of the 2022 class by 247, and just the second QB to commit so far. Should Allen maintain his position in the quarterback rankings he will be the highest rated quarterback out of the state of Indiana since Hunter Johnson went to Clemson in the 2017 class. It goes without saying that landing your top QB target for a class this early is quite the luxury for Purdue, and could potentially prove to be a big boost in recruiting the 2022 class.

Quarterback is one of the positions that I believe school size doesn’t make a huge difference in recruit quality because of their competition. But, even if Brady Allen were knocked for his high school’s size and competition, he puts up video game like numbers to make up for it.

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There are very few quarterbacks across the country that throw for over 5,000 yards in their entire career. There are even fewer that do that before their junior year and Brady Allen is one of those kids. Not only has Allen been throwing the ball at volume, over 250 attempts each year, but he is doing so with really solid accuracy. The thing that I like to see is his improvement in accuracy from freshman year with 57% to 62% his sophomore year. Would like to see him push that completion percentage up towards 70% by his senior year. One of the other stats that sticks out is his TD-Interception ratio. Standing at 60 and 12 is absolutely fantastic and anybody would love to have a ratio that high, but we want to see those numbers improve and push the ratio back closer to 7:1, like his freshman season, in the second half of his high school career.

We had a chance to interview Brady just after his announcement here’s what he had to say:

“It really means a lot [committing to Purdue]. Being able to play and represent your home stare is always a dream. I’ve known from the beginning that Purdue was a fit for me. So to know now that it’ll be home in a couple years is a great feeling!”

Brady thinks his strengths are being accurate and being able to make those tough throws, but said there’s obviously certain things he can improve on but for him everything can improve. Brady went on to say, “I always wanna be a leader and have total trust from everybody in the huddle.”

As of now, Brady plans to enroll a a semester early at Purdue and hopes to major either in sports medicine or sports management.

Purdue’s early commitment from Brady Allen is a massive first step in recruiting the 2022 class and Brady himself is going to help the cause. He said “I’m gonna start with the instate guys! Being able to keep those guys in state would be huge. I think the state is loaded with talent so having all of us together would be something special and we’d be able to accomplish a lot.”


Tape Breakdown: Maybe it’s just because of his skills or maybe it’s just because he is 6’5″ and wears number 18 or, but Brady Allen reminds me alot of a young Peyton Manning. The first thing that sticks out on tape is how accurate he is, especially on fade routes, one of the toughest routes for a QB to throw. When you consider this is just Sophomore year it shows just how good Allen could be by the time he makes his way to West Lafayette. Allen moves well, especially for his size, combine that with his great pocket feel and you’ve got the makings for a really top notch quarterback. One thing that does seem to stick out that might need to be worked on is footwork. There is something odd about his “pocket bounce” when he drops back to pass that I can’t quite put my finger on, so I’m not sure if it is a technique I haven’t seen before and it is fine. Regardless it is definitely something that has stuck out to me from watching many hours of quarterback play.

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