Purdue Football Recruiting: 2022 Quarterback Commit – Brady Allen

Photo Credit: Purdue Athletics

We had the chance to catch up with Purdue QB commit Brady Allen, who took an official visit to Purdue as a part of the Boilers first weekend back for campus visits since the CoVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what the 6’5″ gunslinger from Fort Branch, Indiana had to say about his visit:

“The visit was unbelievable. Felt great to finally be back up. We had an awesome group of guys this weekend. It was cool to finally get together and hangout with them. I had Aidan O’Connell as my host and I know Aidan pretty well from training but I got to talk with him and Jack Plummer about things they go through and do, which was a big help.

I definitely spent the most time with Coach (Brian) Brohm. I got to pick his brain and continue to grow my relationship with him. I met with Coach Reno and his strength staff and learned how they train the quarterbacks which is similar to a lot of the stuff I do now. Also met with the nutrition staff and got some questions answered. We had the chance to tour more of campus too. I was familiar with the football facilities but hadn’t got to fully tour campus. I got to see where the business and management buildings were and the neat parts of campus. It was a full weekend and had an unbelievable time with the staff and players. I definitely made the right choice for me and hope to get some more guys on board soon!”

With Allen already committed to Purdue we had a chance to catch up on his development and what struggles the pandemic posed. “It was obviously just a challenge to find places to workout. Our team had to become creative on how to get workouts in and where we did them. It also affected being able to get to Chicago where I train as a quarterback.”

Allen says he has been working on all aspects of his game, “I try to improve on everything from my feet up to the mental part of the game. I think at the quarterback position it’s a constant grind to improve.”

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Allen plans to enroll early this January, and will be picking a major within the School of Business at Purdue.


Tape Breakdown: At 6’5” 210 lbs, Allen fits the mold of everything the NFL is looking for in a Quarterback, down to 10″ hand width. While Allen’s size is obvious right away, it’s when he picks up and throws a football he really starts to shine. Let’s start off with the arm mechanics, which frankly are absolutely astounding of a high school junior. He’s got smooth motion, but has an incredibly fast release time. I believe in part to how far he brings back the ball behind him when getting ready to release. Seems like he relies more on wrist and core power rather than upper arm to throw the ball far. Which brings us to the next and maybe most important part of Allen’s game, pass quality. I really like how he is able to vary the amount of air he puts under his throws and the timing of them especially. In his tape there is a great TD throw around the 48 second mark that really sticks out, not because the placement was perfect, but because the ball was thrown in perfect time, just before the receivers route break. Allen does a really nice job of throwing on the run, something he seemed be doing quite a bit in his junior campaign, but will always be an aspect of any good QB’s game they work on. Overall a tremendous piece to open Purdue’s 2022 recruiting class, that we will see on many Saturdays in the coming years and yes, even maybe even on Sundays too one day.

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