Purdue Football Recruiting: 2021 Jah’von Grigsby- Safety

We had the chance to talk to Jah’von Grigsby who recently took a virtual tour at Purdue. Grigsby is a class of 2021 6’0″ 180 lbs 3* Safety from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Here’s what he had to say:

“It was great.  The facilities are off the hook and everyone is about family.”

Grigsby said he has been in contact with all of the coaches, but primarily with Coach Biagi and Coach Hodges.  This is the first non-Special Teams Player we have seen shown serious interest with Coach Biagi as the lead recruiter.  Louisiana is one of the areas Coach Biagi has hit hard on the recruiting trail for general recruitment.

In terms of position, Grigsby said they are looking at him for safety and potentially some reps on offense at receiver.

When talking about what he looks for in program Grigbsy said, “A good engineering program and a place that feels like home.”

Grigsby feels as though as a recruit he is a “versatile athlete who can motivate the team and be an instant game changer.”

Schools Grigsby has been in contact most with are: Michigan State, Auburn, Louisiana Tech, Kansas, Vanderbilt, and Arkansas State.

In terms of a timeline, Jah’von isn’t quite sure but it will be “pretty soon if all this madness clears up,” and indicated that once the visit window opens up, Purdue will be the first school he will visit.


Tape Breakdown: At 6’0” 180 lbs, Grigsby’s size doesn’t stand out very much on paper, but his tape does all of the talking and sure does a lot of it.  The first thing that sticks out to me on his tape is his speed and quickness, which is very valuable on the back end.  Combine Grigsby’s quickness and speed with quick excellent decision making and you have a recipe for success, and he has it.  Now the question is how is Grigsby using that talent?  A majority of this tackles are big blowback hits very much in the mold of Cam Allen’s high school tape which is a good thing.  The one I would love to see is a bit more technique used in the tackling.  Big huge hits are great, everybody loves them but having the ability to slow down and just wrap up is invaluable too.  Overall, I think Grigsby is a recruit right now that might be undervalued simply because of his size and actually has a higher ceiling than some programs might think.  This will be one to watch and it would be a great start for Purdue and Coach Biagi’s renewed recruiting efforts in Cajun country should Grigsby decide to take his talents to West Lafayette

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