Purdue Football 2021: Week 2 – UCONN

3:00 PM ET


Rentschler Field in East Hartford, Connecticut (Cap. 42,704)


Forecast: 76°F, 0% chance of rain, Partly Cloudy, Winds 9mph SW

2021 Record

Purdue (1-0) 

UCONN (0-2)

S&P+ Rankings

Purdue – 56

UCONN- 128

First Matchup in Series

Projected Starting Lineups


QB: Jack Plummer

RB: Zander Horvath

LT: Greg Long

LG: Spencer Holstege

C: Gus Hartwing

RG: Tyler Witt

RT: Eric Miller

WR: David Bell

WR: TJ Sheffield

WR: Milton Wright

NT: Lawrence Johnson

DT: Branson Deen

DE: George Karlaftis

DE: DaMarcus Mitchell

OLB: Jaylan Alexander

MLB: Kieren Douglas

OLB: Jalen Graham

CB: Cory Trice

FS: Cam Allen

SS: Marvin Grant

CB: Dedrick Mackey

K: Mitchell Fineran

P: Jack Ansell

LS: Nick Zecchino

KR: TJ Sheffield

PR: Jackson Anthrop


2021 Stat Comparison

Offensive Points per game3014
Offensive Rushing Yards Per Game8862
Offensive Passing Yards Per Game313123
Total Offensive Yards Per Game401185
Defensive Points per game2141.5
Defensive Rushing Yards Per Game78194
Defensive Passing Yards Per Game285259.5
Total Defensive Yards Per Game363453.5

What to Watch For

Domination and Execution. That is the name of the name game this week for the Boilers. Can the Boilers dominate and execute against a team that they absolutely should? Purdue looked pretty good against Oregon State, aspects from the game that worked, worked really well, but there were some places where their execution and small little details ultimately derailed some plays and drives. In a week 2 matchup against a program that lost to FCS Holy Cross last week and had their coach retire two days later, the Boilers will be playing against themselves as much as they are the Huskies.

This needs to be a really clean game for the Boilers this week. No penalties. Good trips to the red zone. Rushing over 100 yards. No busts in coverage. And maybe most importantly, no injuries. Purdue should by all accounts dominate this game and frankly have it out of hand by halftime or early in the third quarter. Purdue will want to get out of Hartford injury free, and getting some snaps for some depth guys before heading into a big Week 3 matchup. But getting the backups in won’t happen, unless the starters dominate and execute. It’s tough to really tell exactly where teams are even after a single game, it will also be pretty tough to tell quite where the Boilers even after this game because of the quality of opponent. That is where the execution and domination aspect comes into play.

Look for the offense to run most of their standard playbook, with potentially a few minor wrinkles this week. Expect a concerted effort to get the run game working again this week, maybe even more so than last week. On the defensive side, Purdue had a pretty clean game. The Boilers only missed 2 tackles and had 6 PBUs according to PFF in week 1. Purdue did get caught a couple of times in aggressive coverages last week, will be looking to see how the defense develops defending against those big shots this week. Defensive line should also get numerous sacks and tackles for loss today. Big George had a fantastic game in Week 1, despite not showing up in the traditional box score, but he was all over the backfield and inches away from recording half a dozen sacks.


Radio: Purdue Radio Network

TV: CBS Sports Network

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