Day 4: NFL Draft (Boilermaker) Combine

Photo: Austin Lancaster

Three Boilermakers took to the NFL Draft Combine podiums on Day 4 of the Combine.

Aidan O’Connell

“Obviously, I overstayed my welcome a little bit, I was there for six years. I was there for a long time, saw a lot of football, not just me playing but just taking mental reps when I was younger from older guys. I feel prepared. I feel like I’ve seen a lot of football. I’ve seen a lot of things offensively and defensively, and so I got to learn a lot. I feel like I’ll have hopefully a step up going to the next level.”

[Photos by Austin Lancaster]

Payne Durham

Talking about the Senior Bowl “It was an awesome learning experience. It was a dream come true for me.” Additionally Payne has had formal meetings with Pittsburgh & Tampa Bay.

Charlie Jones

“I just bet on myself. I believed I could play against the best of the best every week. That’s why I made the move from Buffalo to Iowa. After that, I wanted to prove that I was one of the best receivers, so I made the move from Iowa to Purdue.”

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