Day 2: 2023 NFL Draft Combine

Photo: Austin Lancaster

Notable Quotes & Highlights: Team Personnel + Prospect Interviews (DL + LB)

Chris Ballard | Colts GM:

“To move up, there’s gotta be a guy worthy of it, OK? This is what’s great right now: Everybody has just automatically stamped that you’ve gotta move up to #1 to get it right. I don’t know that I agree with that. I don’t. But that’s going to be the narrative, and that’s OK. You’ve all gotta write something. You’ve gotta keep the news flowing. I don’t necessarily know if that’s the right course of business.”

Shane Steichen | Colts Head Coach:

“You gotta do a really good job from their physical skillset whether they’re bigger or taller — some of the six-foot guys, you might need to move the pocket a little more with those guys, (Drew) Brees had an unbelievable knack of finding those little, subtle movements in the pocket and finding those windows. That was a part of his DNA, which made him a really good player. So as coaches you got to find out what those guys do really well and put them in position to make plays.”

Dan Campbell | Lions Head Coach: On Losing 3 Assistants in the Off Season

“That’s why these interviews—they may not work out at the time, but everything happens for a reason. So to be able to acquire him as our running backs coach/assistant head coach from the Colts was big. I want to know they’re all here, and when even a piece of them is not quite here, I don’t think that’s fair to them or us. And the other thing about it is, I believe there are good coaches out there. You can find them. Now, you gotta work, and you may have to turn over some rocks and go through a certain type of process, but you can find good coaches, and I believe that, and I believe we’ve done that.”

Photo: Austin Lancaster

Other Sights from Day 2 at the Combine (Photos by Austin Lancaster)

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