2020 Game Predictions: Week 1 – Guest Picker “The King of Mackey” Tommy Luce

Last year we started a weekly game predictions series where the ISC-Purdue staff and a celebrity guest picker would give our predictions for the games around the Big Ten and other marquee national games.

To open up the Big Ten season we brought in a man who needs to further introduction, “The King of Mackey” Tommy Luce. We got a chance to talk to Tommy and ask him some questions as well as get some of his insights into our weekly picks.

Tommy Luce takes in the Mackey Arena environment against #17 Iowa where he posted a career high. (Dave Kovich)

Q: What’re your thoughts on the upcoming football season?

A: Really looking forward to watching the football team this season. I think they’ve got a lot of weapons on offense at pretty much all the skill positions. They’re really deep with receivers. Defense is healthy now too so it’ll be a lot of fun to watch those guys play. Ready to see them get after it Saturday

Q: Switching over to basketball, who can fans expect to take the largest step forward or who will surprise them the most?

A: I think Aaron is going to take a big step forward from last year and be more of a key guy. He struggled some last season but he’s definitely capable of being an impact guy. Also the red shirt freshmen, Mason and Brandon, will really surprise fans too. They improved a ton from the beginning of last season to March when we finished. They’ve been eager to play so I know they’ll be ready when the time comes

Q: Top 3 Road Game Venues during your tenure and why?

A: Top 3 road venues were Florida St, IU, and Maryland. Florida St was my #3. We only played there once for the ACC/Big Ten game while I was on the team but it was an electric place. All the fans would do their war chant and I always thought that was pretty cool. IU is my #2 just because of the rivalry we have with them. No matter how good we were or they were the game was always going to be a good one. I really liked that place too since we never lost there while I was on the team either. Then #1 is Maryland because of their student section “The Wall”. The section is so steep that it looks like the students are sitting on top of each other almost. My freshman year Carsen hit some huge free throws to beat them and pretty much silenced the whole arena. It’s been my favorite ever since.

Q: Does Coach Painter yelling “MOVE!” ever show up in your nightmares?

A: Haven’t had any nightmares but Coach Paint yelling “move” is something that’s definitely ingrained in my head.

Q: If a production company were to film The Tommy Luce story what actor would play you? Bonus: Who would play Coach Painter?

A: I think maybe Tom Holland would be a good actor to play me. We kind of look alike I guess and have the same name. I like the Spider-Man movies too so I think he’d be a good one for me. Honestly for Coach Paint I don’t know. He might just have to play himself because there’s nobody better for the role.

Tommy Luce celebrates one of two three pointers he made against #17 Iowa last season as Purdue would go on to win 104-68. (Dave Kovich)

Here are our week 1 picks!

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