11/8/2021 Boilermaker Water Cooler Chat: Sparta Has Fallen Edition

Rants, ravings, and somewhat sensical opinions following Purdue’s 40-29 victory over the #3 Michigan State Spartans

Even though Halloween has since passed, I still watch horror movies at most given opportunities. My wife loves it too (I married up), so that we can watch all of these spooky stories together, over a bag of microwaved popcorn, a glass of wine, and a laugh or two.

I like all genera of horror flicks. Zombies tend to be my favorite, but I have taken a shining to some of the classic slashers. Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface… Those force of nature type of monster villain behind a mask. The guy who, at the end of the movie still looms in the shadows. Is he defeated? I don’t know! Will he be back for a sequel? Probably!

Now, if I was a top ranked football team, there would be nothing more blood-curdleingly terrifying than a muscled, armored, dead eye’ed industrial worker, stalking you with a sledge hammer.

For the 17th time in their history, the Purdue Boilermakers were a national champion candidate’s boogey man, while being unranked. The shadowy silhouette of a hard hat and strong jaw, was the last thing that seventeen top 5 teams teams saw, before a swift blur of a sledgehammer ended their delusions of grandeur.

Like Michael Myers in the late fall, or Jason at Camp Crystal Lake, Pete loomed in the darkness. He haunts your dreams like Freddie, and epitomizes reckless horror like Leatherface.

Purdue Pete is personified chaos. A destructive force, behind dead eyes. He brandishes a large hammer, like some sort of maniac, wildly swinging with no regard for human life… somehow driving a locomotive into your living room.

This weekend… He did it again.

Photo Credit: Mark Elsner

The Game:

Aidan O’Connell bombed away at Michigan State for 536 yards and 3 touchdowns, with David Bell receiving for 217 yards and a TD.

The Boilermaker defense held their own against MSU, turning them over two times. One Kenneth Walker III fumble, and one Dedrick Mackey interception stymied the Spartains, who despite scoring 29 points, were never really in control of the game.

What Went Well:

  • Jeff Brohm: Has things clicking right now. He is scheming a productive offense despite the limitations that he has roster wise. He has returned to his fearless play calling, as that double-reverse, flea flicker, screen pass to Jackson Anthrop was a thing of beauty. Chef’s Kiss!
  • O’Connell and Bell: Bell’Connell. Daidan Bell’Connell. Whatever mojo they have going right now is a thing of beauty. Bell has been racking up the yards, pulling 217 this game and a TD. The way this combo is working together, they can keep Purdue in any game this season.
  • Mitchell Fineran: 4/4 on FG, and 4/4 on Extra Points. 16 pts on the game. It appears that his confidence is back on track.
Photo Credit: Mark Elsner

Big Man on Campus:

Daidan Bell’Connell. This hybrid human and offensive juggernaut is something to behold. Aidan O’Connell and David Bell are something really special right now. Enjoy it.

Photo Credit: Mark Elsner


While Aidan O’Connell was slinging darts on the field, frustrating Michigan State, another program that frustrates the Spartans Purdue Men’s Basketball is getting ready to make it official.

While there have been grumblings that Purdue hasn’t looked particularly great this preseason, the two games that they have played do not count. The real games start this week.

This program has all the talent in the world and, should the cards fall right, has every potential to vie for a Final Four and a National Championship. Can’t wait!

A Look Ahead:

The #7 Purdue Mens’s Basketball team opens their season against Bellarmine on Tuesday, and then against Indiana State on Friday.

The suddenly bowl eligible Purdue Football Team travels to Columbus for a 3:30 tilt against the #5 Ohio State Buckeyes. Unranked Purdue looks to be a formidable underdog against Ohio State, as they are 20 point dogs. Unranked Purdue… Top 5 opponent…

Pete looms in the shadows, diligently prepping his sledge. Saturday is a big day.

Photo Galleries by Mark Elsner

Football: https://snapsbyme.smugmug.com/PurdueFootball/MichiganState/

Basketball: https://snapsbyme.smugmug.com/Purdue-Mens-Basketball-19-20/21-22/UnivOfIndy/

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