11/29/2021 Boilermaker Weekly Water Cooler Chat: Bucket Edition

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages… I proudly present to you, the greatest football team in the illustrious history of Indiana University.

The 2021 Indinia Indiana Hoosiers were a team in which the sky was the limit. Repeatedly reminded by their fans that this team was to challenge Ohio State for Big Ten supremacy, an echo from down south boomed throughout the state, exalting that the road to Pasadena travels through Bloomington.

Coming off of a pandemic addled season which saw most teams sleepwalk through its entirety, Indiana shined. While I was mocked, saying that the Hoosiers may have been beneficiaries of a confluence of circumstances, and not actually a good team, I was quickly put in my place, by candy-striped pants wearing fans. “We’ll see next year,” was always my response, in which I was always replied with the familiar Hoosier bombast and vigor.

The Hoosiers, with a mountain of momentum, won two games this season. Only one against a FBS opponent, and zero against P5 opponents. Despite starting in the top 20, with the greatest QB in football history, a slew of WRs that were claimed to be the best in the league, and the best defense since the ’85 Bears (or something like that), the greatest team in Hoosier Football history fell flat on their face. This was a team of qualifications and caveats. I’ll explain.

Now, lets be intellectually honest here, shall we? I will add the first qualification to the overall state of the IUFB team. The Hoosiers were hamstrung by a slew of injuries, many of which to intensely important players on their team. I will be the first to admit that this is a major factor in the majorly ineffective production of the greatest Hoosier team in history.

This qualification has a caveat, however. Intellectual honesty is nice, and all, but how much intellectual honesty did the Hoosier fans give Purdue when they were decimated by injuries to their starting quarterbacks, star wide receivers, and defense over the past two years? Did IU fans give Purdue any benefit of the doubt? They didn’t care. They shouldn’t care. They should, however, have realized, that perhaps they were living in a glass house built on circumstance. Fools gold is shiny, but it isn’t real.

I’ll respectively praise Tom Allen. Seems like a nice guy. His players love him. His rah-rah, everybody love everybody, bearhugging, high fiving, attitude works well when things are going right. It works really well for a high school coach. When things start to go negatively, however, Allen seemed to struggle. I like the guy, I really do, but he couldn’t get out of his own way this season, and couldn’t keep his LEO on track.

LEO is “Love Each Other” for those of you who don’t know. It is the Coach Allen mantra as of late, which unfortunately has led to sideline fist fights amongst players, dissention, and tons of players hitting the transfer portal. To say things aren’t going well in Bloomington is an understatement.

That is what makes things so sweet for Purdue fans. IU fans have dragged Purdue for two years, since they won the bucket in OT in 2019 (The rivals didn’t play in 2020). Hoosier fans have claimed that IU were darkhorses for the CFB Playoff. They’ve claimed that Ohio State should look out, the Hoosiers are coming for them. This season was Rose Bowl or bust. It was #9Windiana. This is when everything was supposed to fall into place. IU trash talkers wrote a mortgage worth of checks based on a coo-coo bananas pandemic season… only to finish dead last, winless in the B1G season.

Chef’s Kiss.

Photo: Mark Elsner

Boilermakers Pound Listless Hoosiers, Regain Old Oaken Bucket, Following 44-7 Drumming in West Lafayette

Aidan O’Connell continues his tear, throwing for 278 yards and 4TDs. David Bell, Jackson Anthrop, TJ Sheffield, and Paul Pfieri all hauled in TD catches.

On the defensive side, the Boilermakers were led by 4 sacks, coming from DaMarcus Mitchell, Branson Deen, Kydran Jenkins, and George Karlaftis. The defense crushed the Hoosiers who simply couldn’t get things done.

Lets be honest here. No amount of on the spot dicespins or the world’s fastest car would have saved Indiana this weekend. In fact, even if they channeled the strength of mythological hero Achilles, they still would’ve lost by 3 scores. This game was a whooping, plain and simple. Well done, young men, bringing the Old Oaken Bucket back to where it belongs.

Just a Couple of Final Bullet Points:

  • I know that the game of football is new to many IU fans, but that little yellow thing that the officials throw is called a flag. It indicates that there has been a penalty, and that the play is more than likely invalidated. To the moppy, blonde haired IU student in section 119, when a flag is thrown on a passing route in which the receiver is interfered with, that benefits the offense. Even if the team you like intercepted the pass, and returned it all the way down field. Talking trash to the Purdue fans around you will not help your case.
  • I know that the game of football is new to many IU fans, but that little yellow thing that the officials throw is called a flag. It indicates that there has been a penalty, and that the play is more than likely invalidated. To the former high school coach who now coaches in Bloomington, when a flag is thrown on a passing route in which the wide receiver is interfered with, it benefits the offense. Even if your defense intercepts the ball and returns it all the way down field. Your demonstrative hissy fit throwing on the sideline due to an obvious pass interference, just validates the blonde, moppy haired IU student in section 119. Come on, now. You’re supposed to be a high school teacher, and enlightening the ignorant is supposed to be your thing. Set a good example for your fans who clearly don’t know any better.
  • Sorry, I don’t like bashing Tom Allen. He seems like a good guy. His LEO philosophy is a good way to live life. However, to #22 Davion Ervin-Poindexter, it is not very “LEO” to forcibly kick a Purdue defender in the groin after you’ve been tackled. Not a good look Mr. Love Each Other. Don’t kick people in the nuts, Poindexter.
  • To the officials, how did Ervin-Poindexter not get ejected? Had he punched a player in his helmet, he would’ve been ejected. Which does more damage, a closed fist to a helmet, or a cleated kick to the groin?
  • Also, to IU fans, “see you in basketball season” isn’t the flex that you think it is.

Purdue Basketball Continues Their Winning Ways, Properly Sear Omaha Like A Steak, Win 97-40.

Four players scored in double figures, led by Zach Edey’s 20 points, as the Boilermakers did what they needed to do as the #3 team in the nation.

The Boilermakers did not skip a beat, and honestly, there isn’t much to say about this performance. Keep doing this.

Something to Mention:

Purdue was ranked #3 in the nation in the most recent AP Poll, and won their contest on Friday. Ahead of them, UCLA and Gonzaga both lost. Logic would dicatate that Purdue -should- be the #1 team in the nation come Monday.

I don’t think that will be the case. I forsee Duke leapfrogging Purdue to assume the #1 ranking, because the voters love a good story.

My buddy Brad texted me the following, and I think it pretty much sums up the circumstance that we are in.

Purdue has beaten a top 5 team and a ranked UNC team which is also beloved by voters. [This week] Purdue vanquished the souls of their lesser opponents. Hard to ask Purdue to do anything more than they have done so far this year. Prediction: Duke jumps to #1 on the narritive of their legacy and Coach K’s last season. Purdue uses it as tacklin’ fuel, and beats Florida State by 40. Zach Edey tears down a minimum of 3 backboards in the game.

Well, I am not sure about the win by 40, but I’m bullish on the three backboards… Either way I expect something similar to at least the first part of that text. Purdue needs to just continue defeating their opponents in expeditious fashion, and be motivated by whatever rankings they get.



Big Man On Campus:

Jeff Brohm isn’t entirely sure who these folks are, and neither am I (due to the extra COVID year of eligibility), but to the folks who played their last game in Ross Ade Stadium on Saturday, thank you for 4+ years of memories, and thank you for ending the season with an emphatic embarrassment of our rivals.

A Look Ahead:

Purdue football takes a few weeks off as they look ahead to their bowl selection. Post season football is back in West Lafayette!

The Purdue basketball team hosts Florida State on Tuesday in the ACC Challenge. Florida State is the type of team that gives Purdue fits, historically. They are long and athletic with a talented roster. Purdue, none the less, should be a favorite in the game.

Following that game, Purdue will kick off B1G play hosting Iowa on Friday, December 3rd. Iowa scores in droves, but plays defense like… Iowa. Purdue should also be a favorite in the game as well.

Photo: Mark Elsner

IU Football Gallery by Mark Elsner https://snapsbyme.smugmug.com/PurdueFootball/Indiana/

Omaha Basketball Gallery by Mark Elsner https://snapsbyme.smugmug.com/Purdue-Mens-Basketball-19-20/21-22/Omaha/

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