11/1/21 Boilermaker Water Cooler Chat: Halloween Party Edition

Rants, ravings, and somewhat sensical opinions following Purdue’s 28-23 victory over the Oregon State Beavers.

(To the tune of Danny Elfman’s This is Halloween, From the Disney Masterpiece, The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange?
Come with us and you will see, a Boiler victory on Halloween.

This is Halloween, every Boiler make a scene…
Trick or treat till the Huskers gonna die of fright!
Its our town, Scott Frost gunna scream!
In our town of Halloween!

Purdue Pete is the one hiding under your bed,
Hard hat on and eyes glowing red.

Jalen Grahm is the one hiding under your stairs,
Hands take the ball and ruin your cares.

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!

In Lincoln, Purdue-West,
Everyone hail to Saturday’s best!

Memorial Stadium, don’t we love it now?
Everybody’s waiting for the next surprise!

Round that corner now, take it for a touch down,
Jackson Anthrop now to pounce, how they’ll scream!

This is Halloween, Gold n Black, make a scene!
Aren’t you scared? Well that’s just fine!

Say it once, say it twice,
Take a chance and roll the dice,
Forth down gains keep the chains moving right.

Everybody scream, EVERYBODY SCREAM!
Jeff Brohm the king of Halloween.

Scott Frost is the clown with the sad sobbing face,
Here in a flash and gone without a trace.

I am the “who” when you ask “Who else?”
The name is David Bell, making your life hell.

I am the shadow on your backfield. Fright!
My names George, and bring the fight.

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!
Halloween! Halloween!
Halloween! Halloween!

The Game:
Jalen Graham led the defense with 2 interceptions, one for touchdown, as the Boilermaker flustered the Cornhusker offense. Adrian Martinez, who the media has told me has been a 4 year Heisman Candidate, and presumptive B1G POY, threw 4 interceptions, three of which were absolutely awful.

Offensively, Purdue rushed for over 100 yards, and threw for 233. The ball was spread out to 8 different players who received a pass, and 6 different players who attempted a rush.

Break it Down:

Despite the entire ESPN broadcast gushing over Nebraska pregame and during the first half, Purdue punched the Huskers in the mouth.

This shut up the ESPN commentators, the crowd, and pretty much everyone who still thought that Nebraska was going to make a bowl.

This loss essentially ends their season, as it will take a miracle for the Cornhuskers to make a bowl. It is possible that this loss could’ve effectively ended Scott Frost’s tenure in Nebraska, so y’all are welcome for that. For Purdue, however, they are now at the 5 win mark, needing to win 1 of their last 4 to be bowl eligible.


  • Jackson Anthrop: Was everywhere today. He rushed for 25 yards, received for 43 yards and a TD. He was every bit that swiss army knife that he was expected to be this season.
  • 4 interceptions: Against the best quarterback in the history of the world (or so they’ve told us for 4 years) is an incredible feat.
  • 85,902: Fans in Memorial Stadium, most of whom left disappointed. (A full Memorial Stadium would equate to being the 3rd largest population center in the entire state, which is a fun factoid.)
  • We got one!: This officiating crew called a hold against someone trying to block George Karlaftis. By my math, this is the first time that he has been called as a victim of holding this season… despite, you know, being held every single play.


  • Not so special, right now: Missing field goals is never going to be a good thing. Missing multiple is a problem. Kickers go through ups and downs, and fall in and out of grooves. Fineran is in a rut right now, but he can work his way out of it.
  • Clock Management: At the end of the first half, Purdue had the ball, down 3, with the ability to get the final score before halftime. Poor clock management, a wasted timeout, and lack of creative play calling on both 3rd and 4th & short, gave Nebraska the ball back with plenty of time to score. It took a fluke-drop to stop Nebraska from scoring.

A Look Ahead:

As Purdue surges unto November, they take on another highly ranked team. Michigan State has been looked at as a fluke to this point by many programs, but they proved those doubters wrong by beating top 10 Michigan this past weekend. State has a Heisman candidate running back, who will cause fits for the Boilermakers.

The good news? Purdue hosts the top 5 ranked Michigan State Spartans, on Saturday. As it currently sits, MSU is a 3 point favorite. Can the Boilermakers knock them off? Saturday will tell.

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